Discover personal accounts from our employees

Our professional disciplines cover the entire product development cycle: Research and Development, Industry / Logistics, Marketing, Sales / Promotion, and Support Services.

Regional Director

I am responsible for developing the pharmaceutical business on an international scale and as such, I follow and understand the structural and temporary changes in the markets, territories and their environments.

Logistics Project Leader

The key challenges of my job include developing and promoting a specific vision of the Pierre Fabre supply chain and managing the transformation agenda on a daily basis.

R&D Project Leader

First of all I list all the needs expressed by the marketing department in the specifications, and I consolidate the technical response hand-in-hand with business experts.

Sales Representative

My first duty is to provide high quality customer follow-up that focuses on key themes: Naturactive range-based product mix, merchandising, pricing strategy and promotions.

Head of Management Control

Most of my activity consists in analyzing and modeling economic data for a specific reason: to anticipate the changes in results and to guide decision-makers’ choices.

Manufacturing Process Operator

I work in the production centre in Pau, which specializes in manufacturing injectable pharmaceuticals in a sterile environment, where I monitor the whole production process.

Biology Research Technician

I work on pharmacological evaluations for drug trial candidates where I undertake analyses, measurements and trials on primary cells.

Administrative and Financial Director

As administrative and financial director of the Spanish subsidiary, I am in charge of implementing the financial strategy and for defending the interests and good reputation of the Group in the subsidiary.