The company supports associations working in the health field. In 2013, we offered our support for the French Association for Prostate Cancer Research (ARTP) and the French Rheumatism Association (AFLAR).

Association for Prostate Tumor Research

artp.jpgThe Association for Prostate Tumor Research (ARTP) was founded after it was realized that fundamental and clinical research was very poorly developed in France to meet a medical challenge as significant as prostate tumors, one of the main causes of morbidity and mortality in men after the age of 40. The ARTP’s main goal is to help to address this worrying situation.

French Rheumatism Association (AFLAR)

The AFLAR aims to advance key goals in the fight against rheumatism:

  • Advance specific knowledge and know-how, from information and education to advances in scientific research and prevention
  • Improve the daily quality of life for rheumatics, and help them become actively involved in their treatment
  • Raise awareness of the human and social and economic costs of rheumatisms
  • Improve coverage of healthcare costs, prevention and research resources


musee-goya.jpgGoya Museum at Castres

The Goya Museum, the second largest Spanish painting museum in France after the Louvre (Paris), is located in Castres. Our company has helped with the acquisition of several works by Spanish masters, especially “Christ waited upon by angels in the desert” and “Saint Regina” by Pacheco (1564-1644), the “Lamentations to the Death of Christ” by Vicente Masip (16th century), and “The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian” by Sébastian Muñoz.

Dom Robert Museum at Sorèze

We helped create the “Dom Robert and 20th century tapestry” museum at Sorèze. This museum will be a location for tapestry collections from the Abbey of Saint-Benoît d’En Calcat (Tarn), containing 55 tapestries by Dom Robert and other 20th-century artists.

Toulouse Lautrec Museum at Albi

We regularly support the Toulouse Lautrec Museum in Albi. Recently, we helped with the acquisition of “The Modiste” by Henri Toulouse Lautrec.


Support for sports associations

The company supports various local sports associations such as Castres Athlétisme (field and track), Castres Football Club, the Mazamet Sports Association and other sports organizations.


fondation-depeche.jpgLa Dépêche Foundation

Pierre Fabre Laboratories supports La Dépêche Foundation.
Created in 2008, its mission is both social and educational. Commitments: supporting excellence, reinforcing solidarity, and bringing our heritage to life. Mission: sharing our common heritage with the children of the French Republic. Key programs: “active grant” system, multimedia information conservatory for the Midi-Pyrénées and its annual exhibition, promotion of entrepreneurship through microcredit.

“Un avenir ensemble” Foundation

Our company is one of the founding members of the “Un avenir ensemble” (A Future Together) Foundation. Its mission is to help deserving young people from less privileged backgrounds in their school or professional careers.

Les cordées de la réussite

Our company supports “Les Cordées de la réussite”, a project that works toward greater social equity for access to high-quality education. It facilitates access to higher education for deserving young people, who, because of their social or regional origins would otherwise be unable to successfully undertake a long-term education program.


association-tulipe.jpgTulipe Association

We provide essential products and medicines to the Tulipe Association. As a non-governmental organization governed by the French Law of 1901, Tulipe combines donations from healthcare companies to provide an emergency response to the needs of people in distress during acute sanitary crises, natural disasters and conflicts. Its intervention involves making rapidly available emergency kits with healthcare products that are suitable to requirements on the ground.

We also regularly support the work of :

  • Secours Catholique, which fights against all forms of poverty and exclusion;
  • Secours Populaire, a non-profit organization for national causes, which acts against poverty and exclusion in France and throughout the world;
  • The Red Cross.