Our products

Pierre Fabre Health offers solutions in Podology with: Pedi Relax.

Pedi Relax products have been specifically developed with essential oils and other active ingredients to keep your feet looking and feeling great. Formulations have been adapted to allow for quick absorption and immediate moisturisation without any oily residue.

Pedi Relax offers 2 ranges indicated for specific types of treatment: blue for Protection and orange for Moisturising.


All health professionals, particularly doctors, pharmacists and podiatrists, participate in our research and benefit from regular information updates on our products.

The pharmacist is our privileged partner in providing indispensable advice and information on the correct use of our products and taking charge of one's own health, particularly through information and prevention campaigns.


Ethically, we have no desire to see patients fend for themselves in health matters without receiving supportive care and attention from a health professional. This is why we give top priority to creating close, personalized and coordinated relationships with health professionals.


Health is one of the most popular search topics on the internet. The information available is vast, yet not always reliable. In April 2011, Laboratoires Pierre Fabre launched mon-partenaire-sante.com, a website which provides content prepared, validated and regularly updated by health professionals from 15 therapeutic areas. In addition, mon-partenaire-sante.com provides Internet users with free services (a pollen report, notes on taking contraceptive pills, etc.) and tests that enable people to become active participants in their own health prevention. It also offers pharmacies the possibility of creating and managing their own informative website. Mon-partenaire-sante.com is H.O.N Code certified.