Health Care & Hygiene


We provide pharmacists, health care professionals and patients with a large range of prescription and OTC drugs for day-to-day, general health care.

Our range covers three main fields:

  • Oral care
  • Podiatry

Our products are aimed at day-to-day health and hygiene and the prevention and treatment of mild ailments and addictive behaviors. In collaboration with health professionnals, we want to help everyone achieve a better life quality and accompany the aging process.

Oral care & hygiene

For more than 45 years, Pierre Fabre has developed specialised oral care and dental expertise, offering safe and effective solutions for oral and dental treatment, hygiene and care.

A world-renowned pharmaceutical company in the oral and dental health sector, Pierre Fabre Oral Care is a key public health player and participates in information and education campaigns with healthcare professionals and the general public.

A preferred partner of pharmacists, dentists and oral hygienists, Pierre Fabre Oral Care and Elgydium offer support in their day-to-day practice, offering them an efficient and safe toothpaste range to prevent and treat the problems they routinely encounter. The efficacy is clinically proven.


As the foot care expert, PEDI Relax offers a range of medicalised products for all your foot care needs. The range has been exclusively designed to treat, refresh and protect your feet.