For any questions concerning products from one of these brands: A-Derma, Avène, Ducray, Elancyl, Galénic, Klorane or René Furterer:

  • information
  • a claim against the quality or availability of a product
  • the appearance of undesirable effects following use of a product

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For any questions concerning a healthcare product or medicine made by Pierre Fabre Médicament, Pierre Fabre Oncologie, Pierre Fabre Santé, Pierre Fabre Dermatologie, Naturactive or Elusept:

  • a claim against the quality of a product,
  • a request for medical or scientific information (for patients, the request does not replace a consultation with a healthcare professional)



To declare a undesirable effect following use of a medicine or healthcare product from the brands Naturactive, Pierre Fabre Santé, Elusept, Pierre Fabre Dermatologie, Pierre Fabre Oncologie or Pierre Fabre Médicament, please contact our Pharmacovigilance department on the following telephone number: +27.11.803.5140

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