Active substance production units



Among the vineyards, our site at Gaillac (Tarn) ensures the development and production of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and neutraceutical active substances for all the group’s activities: prescription drugs, health care and dermo-cosmetics. On the site, we have developed specific knowledge in the areas of plant extraction, purification, synthesis, hemisynthesis and fluoridation as well as expertise in many future technological fields (supercritical fluids and plant cell culture) that take into account the growing challenges of sustainable development and green chemistry.


production-actifs.jpgOur site at Bagnères-de-Bigorre (in the Pyrénées mountains) ensures the planting, harvesting and processing of plants, especially witch-hazel, for the manufacture of distilled water used in the composition of many of our pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.


virreydelpino.jpgOur Virrey del Pino site (near Buenos Aires) ensures the production of pharmaceutical active substances. It plays a key role in the fields of animal and plant extraction and hemisynthesis. Today the site’s main production activity is for an active substances derived from chicken wishbones, which are part of the manufacturing process for our anti-arthrosis drug Structum.



In the heart of a verdant valley, the Palézieux site (near Lausanne, Switzerland) produces an active pharmaceutical substance.